Studying abroad can be a fun filled and secure academic journey but it is important to do a background check of the place where one is planning to see their future. Leaving one’s safe haven or their comfort zone to study abroad, one needs to do a lot of reading about the country which he/she is preferring and should also be ready to accustom accordingly. And Malaysia is a place where students can live a lively and organic lifestyle at an economically low expenditure.

UNESCO has marked Malaysia as the 12th most preferred education destination because, firstly, Malaysia is considered as one of the safest and politically stable country with less number of crime rate. Malaysia is an industrialized and a developed country with all the advancements in all the aspects.It also has easy and trouble-free immigration process compared to other countries, so international students first priority has always been Malaysia.

Secondly, Climatic conditions are also favorable to students as it is either sunny or rainy all the year without having any extreme conditions. A very adaptable and calm atmosphere, which is an advantage for international students to pursue their education in Malaysia.

Thirdly, many reputed colleges of various foreign countries such as the UK USA based institutions have set up their campuses in Malaysia enabling the international students to attain a foreign degree or diploma. International students also have an opportunity to study their undergraduate as a ‘2+1’ twinning degree program, which is a cost-effective route for good education and qualifications from reputable international universities of UK, USA, Australia, Canada etc.

The most important factor which attracts many students to Malaysia is the low accommodation and affordable tuition fees which in turn helps the international students to a large extent.

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