9 Tips for Band 9 in IELTS Listening

  1. First and foremost – Use Pencil and not a Pen
  2. Read instructions carefully as they will guide you to answer the upcoming questions.
  3. One cannot read the questions when the audio is being played so use the time provided to read the questions, one can also include the time in which the audio reads out the example question.
  4. Have the habit of using test paper to have a rough copy of your answers and then copy it to answer sheet.
  5. Once you complete, go for rereading or rechecking the answers for accuracy in spelling and grammar.
  6. Using capital letters for the entire word will rescue one from losing marks for not having capital initials.
  7. Don’t get distracted by additional information focus on the quest to search answers for the questions.
  8. If you miss a word or few in recording, move on with the next and don’t lose the other words by thinking the missed word(s).
  9. Attempt all the questions as there is no penalties for incorrect answer.

Avertables to surge your Listening score

In the listening test the audio for the test plays for only once, so even a little bit of distraction may result in losing quite a few marks.

The very basic and common mistakes of the test takers are as follows

  1. Listening Problem due to accent
  2. Arbitrary pronunciation of some alphabets creates Spelling Mistakes
  3. Carried away by the exam leads to Grammatical Mistakes
  4. Losing marks for Leaving Answers column blank
  5. Writing on the answer sheets while hearing the audio
  6. Using most of the time on one question

These are the common mistakes that a test taker commits when he/she is attending their exams so be aware of these simple issues and you will definitely reach your goal. The TIPS to avoid all these mistakes and Tricks to score high will be revealed in the upcoming posts.

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