An introduction is normally a short paragraph that should clearly state the main theme of the essay. The introduction comprises of 2 to 4 sentences. A thesis statement must be written (if it is an opinion essay) to show what is your view and how you are going to approach the topic. That statement must announce the your view. ‘


The body paragraphs develop the main ideas of the essay. Each paragraph expands one idea. Generally, the introductory sentence (Topic Sentence) in each paragraph states the main idea, which should be supported by reasons and examples. There should be at least one supporting idea with example in a paragraph. Write at least two or three paragraphs in order to give a balanced view on the topic. If you forget to write examples and reasons for your approach, you cannot expect a good band score.


It should be a short paragraph of about three sentences, restating the main points of the essay. Conclude with a clear statement or an inference establishing your point of view on the topic. Besides, suggestions and solutions can also be mentioned if they are asked for in the question, It will be a good idea if you write a line predicting what will happen in the future, in relation to the topic.


  • General statement
  • Paraphrase the essay
  • Say what the essay will do

Body paragraph 1

  • Main idea 1
  • Explanation/Reason
  • Example
  • Restate the main idea/transition

Body paragraph 2

  • Main idea 2
  • Explanation/Reason
  • Example
  • Restate the main idea.


  • Paraphrase question

Summaries the main ideas.

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