The Canadian system of education has become evident as one the best in the world, with an undeniable hold in the fields of computer, healthcare and information technology. There are many top-ranking universities in Canada providing a world-class education. Students wishing to seek a world-class education on a budget should consider studying in Canadian universities.


IELTS is the mode to enter Canadian universities. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) rely on IELTS Exam as evidence of English language proficiency. It is compulsory for students because this is the medium to check the English language proficiency. In the year 2019 minimum IELTS score requirement is an overall band of 6.5, with no band below 6.0


Studying in Canada gives plenty of opportunities for students with life-changing experiences. In Canada, universities are different from colleges. There are certain colleges given below which are in the topmost category of Canadian universities. They are,

  • University of Alberta
  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • University of British Columbia
  • Humber College


Students should confirm that they meet their course requirements. Students should ensure that they have completed the high school courses for both the undergraduate and postgraduate courses. A Canadian degree or certificate is globally recognized as being the topmost and classy as the degrees of the United States. Research is one of the vital and precious components of Canadian post-secondary education that a student can enjoy.


For a Canadian student visa, we have the permission of working for 20 hours as a paid job. By working while studying in Canada we get a great job experience especially if we have plans of applying for permanent residence eventually. To help the students and by considering their welfare all the colleges and universities display bulletin boards where on-campus job openings are advertised and they provide websites carrying information about the job.

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