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Alternative ID Proof to be accepted for GRE and TOEFL exams.

Previously all students who took their GRE or TOEFL exams used their passport copy as ID Proof for exam registration or to enter the exam center. Since the pandemic students who wished to write their exams in India found it difficult to produce their passport copies as ID Proof as some of the students needed to get their passports renewed, and since the pandemic most government offices were not functioning fully and the desired Id proof were delayed. Taking into account the difficulty the students were facing, the Educational Testing System(ETS) brought into effect a temporary measure that can be used as proof of ID for registering or taking their exams, hence the Adhar Card was brought into effect as ID Proof to be used on an alternative basis instead of the passport copy to sit for the exam. This information was given by Educational Testing System(ETS) to be used as a temporary measure until further notice.

As the GRE and TOEFL foreign language tests scores are mandatory to gain admission to study abroad in many universities in the USA and across the globe, a temporary solution was required to solve the ID Proof problem to make it easier for students, hence the Adhar Card was allowed to be used on a temporary basis instead of the Passport copy which was earlier the official ID Proof used by the students. This temporary measure was brought into effect until further notice by the body of the Educational Testing System (ETS).

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