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Applicants for PR residence in Canada are eligible now for work permits.

The Canadian government stated on July 15 that international graduates in Canada who have applied for the freshly opened pathway to permanent residency are going to be eligible for open work permits while they await application results.
Starting July 26, international students who have graduated from a Canadian institution, health care workers, and people in other designated essential occupations who have applied to at least one of six streams – three of which are exclusively for French speakers – under a short lived pathway to permanent residency are going to be subject to the principles for obtaining this one-time permit.
While the international graduate stream, which features a ceiling of 40,000 applicants, was filled the day after it opened in May, applications for health care workers and French speakers are still open.
This new open working papers ensures that folks who are vital to the pandemic’s success can still provide outstanding service.
Our message to them is straightforward: your status could also be transitory, but your contributions are permanent—and we would like you to remain .”
For 90,000 important employees and overseas graduates, our new road to permanent residence may be a significant breakthrough .”
The ministry went on to mention that it had been conscious of the “possible disruption and uncertainty” for applicants with expiring work permits, which it had been trying to ensure that individuals who didn’t qualify for existing measures didn’t lose their temporary status and work authorization.
Permits given under this programme are going to be valid until the top of 2022, and applicants must already be based in Canada.

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