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Most of the IELTS students and candidates are continuously getting only band 6 in speaking. This blog helps you to find some effective strategies to improve your speaking ability in an easier way. Let’s learn the ways

As we all know the speaking test has three parts

Part 1 is the interview and introduction sentence in this section we are going to answer just 10 questions though it is a mark less session our first Impression is always the best impression you are advised to provide expanded sentences rather than repeating the words from the question

Part 2 is CUR CARD where you will be given a common question on various topics such as festival, advertisement, about the things you bought, favorite person, celebrity or older person and also you will talk about your influence and admiration. The invigilator expects you to provide a lucid explanation with a lot of clarity and organization of your thoughts. Always try to have an introduction and brief explanation for the entire question and conclusion for your talk this will always fetch you to get a higher band.

PART 3 is a Discussion

IELTS Speaking Part three lasts approximately four-five minutes, and you may be requested four-eight questions.

 The IELTS examiner asks questions associated with the subject in element 2, and you need to deliver exact solutions. Unlike IELTS Speaking Part 1, you may want to offer extended and information solutions. Don’ts withinside the IELTS Speaking Part three Don’t assume to inform something with a purpose to in shape with the IELTS examiner’s thoughts. 

You can communicate approximately your views, even in case you experience just like the IELTS examiner won’t like them. There isn’t any criterion to mark your evaluations in the course of the talking take a look at it. Giving memorized solutions isn’t always a terrific idea. You need to now no longer offer solutions that you have organized beforehand. The examiner will determine it from the rate at that you communicate, your phrases, and additionally your pronunciation. In this manner, you may even become giving beside-the-point solutions with the purpose to bring about a low rating. That is why you need to now no longer put together any solutions at all! It is higher to paintings for your talking talents. So, communicate and pay attention to the local audio system and enhance your vocabulary.

 Don’t deliver brief solutions like in element

  1. You need to offer lengthy and defined solutions with three or four sentences. Try to offer a few motives to be able to outline your particular factor of view. You also can finish your speech together along with your remaining sentence. Don’t try and overdo it! If you need to apply a flowery word, make certain that you realize the precise means of it; otherwise, that could lessen your rating. If you operate a word, you aren’t very acquainted with; you may much more likely use it withinside the incorrect context. It can be out of place, and the examiner will lessen your rating. 
  2. Thus, it’s miles higher to speak with inside the phrases you’re snug with and use for your regular existence. 
  3. Do’s with inside the IELTS Speaking Part three Speak and give an explanation for your thoughts with confidence. Even in case you aren’t certain whether or not your notions are suitable sufficient or now no longer, you could nonetheless get a band 9. The examiner can pay greater interest to your fluency and pronunciation. Moreover, the cognizance of your utilization of an extensive variety of suitable vocabulary. 
  4. Your capacity to provide error-unfastened sentences is crucial as well. If you do now no longer recognize the query, ask the examiner to copy it. In this case, you may say: “Could you please repeat the query?” It is higher to recognize what precisely you’re requested from the very starting than pull away from it and become give a beside-the-point solution. Do ask if something is unclear: we’re all human! You may also want a while to assume earlier than answering the query. It is ok to invite for more than one second to gather your thoughts. During this time, you could consider a solution. Try to determine a way to join your thoughts and get geared up to offer an assured speech. 
  5. Techniques to Answer IELTS Speaking Part three Questions

There are numerous sorts of questions withinside the IELTS Speaking Part three. Yet, you could use a powerful method to reply to any form of query from element three. Keep in thoughts that receiving a terrific rating call for you to offer your thoughts. Give a right away solution to the query. Define the purpose at the back of your particular factor of view. 

  • Give an instance to guide your factor. It’s additionally ok to speak about your existing experiences. Conclude with a sentence with the aid of using connecting your thoughts and examples to the problem of the query. The approach defined above is a actually powerful manner of answering the questions from the IELTS Speaking Part three.
  •  Using The Technique – Example The query underneath is taken from Cambridge 10 for IELTS, Test 1. What competencies do humans maximum need to have today? For instance, you can solve this the using the above method: I wager in recent times humans need to have talents in generation as it allows them to have a thrilling process and get an aggressive salary. For instance, a pal of mine desires to have a look at special programming languages. He believes that he may want to have a first-rate process with an excessive wage. In this instance, we use the primary sentence to reply to the query and make clear our opinion. 
  • The 2d sentence is used to offer an instance. And the remaining sentence concludes the instance with the given view. How do have a look at it further? Try to talk as a great deal as you could. Ask your local speaker pal to speak to you. If you don’t have a local-speaker pal, you can rent a non-public teacher. It works satisfactorily in case you discover a teacher who can preserve training via Skype or different online platforms. In this manner, you could ask a query each time you’ve got one and get a reaction in an instant. 
  • Listen to broadcast channels along with BBC and CNN. You will study many new phrases and pay attention to the right pronunciation of these as well. You may even get used to English speech. 
  • The greater you pay attention to an English speaker, the higher you may take a position to speak. Improve your vocabulary and grammar, every of which makes up 25% of the overall rating of the talking take a look at. 
  • One of the satisfactory methods to develop your grammar and improve your vocabulary is reading. So, examine as many books and articles in English as you could. Make certain to exercise with the pattern exams from reputable Cambridge books. It is vital to get acquainted with questions from reputable sources. You need to exercise plenty and take as many pattern exams as possible. It will assist you to get used to the layout they take a look at and be greater assured in the course of the actual exam.



– Is the bicycle a good way to move around?
– Do you think that there should be a separate lane for bicycles?
– Why should a child have a bicycle?
– Are you working or a student?

Cue card

Describe a famous person, you should say:
– Who he/she is,
– Why he/she is famous,
– Whether or not you would like to meet him/her and why.


– Which qualities should a famous person have?
– Why does the young generation copy them?
– Who were the famous people 50 years ago and who will be famous in the next 50 years?
– Should they have a personal life?
– If you had a chance to become famous what would be your attitude?