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Covid 19 Realities- How it has Affected International Students Education And Career Growth Plans

Many international students from across the globe have been affected by the pandemic and its new rules and regulations regarding the vaccine shots, which should be taken by all international students who want to complete their higher education overseas.

Most educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities, and students who wish to live on campus, need to follow new vaccine norms.

These new policies have been affecting the future education and career growth plans of many international students.

Many Educational institutions worldwide have come together to help solve these new issues and concerns, international students are facing in the world today. They have asked their research teams to give awareness and guidance to the counsellors of various educational institutions across the globe regarding the vaccination shots to be taken by international students entering various countries. This important information will help counsellors to brief their international students who wish to pursue their education abroad, hence they do not face any setback or delay in their overseas education process.

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