Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”.

– Gandhi

English, English, English, ah! Everywhere people talk English and speak about English. People are driven into many aspects of life, be it science or medicine or any other field for that matter. Recent studies prove that these fields are based on English language. In the world of business, English has become the global language since the British expansion had been taken place.

Many people like and love languages and so they communicate freely, but when it comes to English for the non-native speakers, they do hesitate to learn or converse despite liking English. This happens when people think that English is a subject to be memorized, learned and mastered over. The reply to this worry is simple. English is not a subject rather it’s a skill to be developed just like learning another mother tongue or driving or swimming,etc.

English is always simple to learn to those who are passionate to acquire and enhance their language skills. English is easy to those who know how to acquire the skills with hard work. English is complex to those who do not know the current and the future world. English is risky to those who dislike and not worried about their career.

Now the question here is, what are the aspects that I need to develop in English language? It’s very simple. People must be good at spoken English and of course should know to read, write and listen well. To start or enhance spoken language, all what you have to do is simple, start learning and practising English. In terms of learning, one need not want to focus on grammar alone but rather extend one’s hand into three stages of learning, i.e. sentence formation, development of vocabulary and pronunciation which later on gets into intonation that changes one’s accent at the end.

Last but not the least, English is an ever-growing language. Those who wish to survive and extend knowledge in this world would go with English and so think accordingly. Happy learning!

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