The best exam for those who look forward to migrating towards Australia. The person has to get 79 and above to fulfil their requirements. Everyone is facing difficulties in all most all the part of the test. This post is dedicated to all the test takers who are struggling to get the required score in the exam.

This page helps you to get out all the confusion about the WRITING SECTION though many candidates are struggling in almost all the modules this mainly focusing on the writing part.

Summarize written text and Summarize spoken text are two part of the writing section where most of the candidates are not performing well. Since both the tasks are interrelated tasks. Like, SUMMARIZE WRITTEN TEXT’S score affects Reading score likewise writing score affects Summarize spoken text.

Here are some tips to enhance your writing skill

  1. Quickly scan the text and note keywords.
  2. Once you have noted him keywords, write quick notes, to sum up, the main argument of the text without looking back at the passage
  3. Use your own words to condense these notes into a patent and precise sentence.
  4. When you have completed writing, check for the few things which follow:
  • You have thought of ONE sentence just which is inside the required word check (somewhere in the range of 5 and 75 words)
  • You have retained the essence of the text
  • Your grammar and spelling are correct.
  • Keep in mind that if your sentence is shorter or longer than the required word check, your reaction will naturally be scored zero.
  1. Try to leave facts and common information of the passage instead focus on what are the author’s view, cause, and effect of the text which helps you to take the important essence of the passage.
  2. Don’t try to rewrite the same words what we already have in the passage instead use an appropriate synonym.

We wish you to get a good score with these tips and lots of practice.

Good Luck! All the best!

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