Some programs consider the GRE very essential, while others view it as more of a formality.Because GRE is used for such a wide range of graduate studies, the relative weight it is given will change from school to school and from field to field.

What is GRE?

The Graduate Record Examination is a 3-hour, 45-minute exam which is used to rank students for graduate schools. The scored portion of the GRE consists of the following sections

  • One 30- minute Analysis of a problem essay
  • One 30-minute Analysis of Associate in Nursing Argument essay
  • Two 30-minute Verbal Reasoning sections
  • Two 35-minute Quantitative Reasoning Sections

Reasoning sections 2 35-minute Quantitative Reasoning sections The Verbal Reasoning sections check your skills on 3 differing kinds of questions; Text Completion\ Sentence Equivalence Reading Comprehension ,The Quantitative Reasoning sections, The Quantitative Reasoning sections measure your powers in four areas;

  • Arithmetic and Number Properties
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Data Analysis


GRE score has 2 components: a scaled score and a score rank. GRE scores fall on a 130-170 purpose scale. However, your score rank is extra necessary than your scaled score. The essays are scored very little otherwise than are the Verbal and Quantitative sections. All essays receive a scaled score of 0-6.Score 6.0 to 1.0

What’s a good GRE score?

While considering your GRE score objective (in 2019’s competitive admissions cycle),

It invariably knows to explore the wants and minimums at the faculties to that you’re applying. For starters, though, here is what you would like to understand regarding your

GRE Score: The GRE is scored on a 130-170 scale in each section. You’ll receive each a GRE Verbal score and on GRE Quantitative score as a result of there are therefore few attainable scores– solely forty-one – that you just will get on the GRE, responsive only 1 a lot of question properly may be enough to show a mean score into an excellent score.

Scheduling Test

You can take the GRE almost any day- morning or afternoon, weekend or weekend.

Appointments are regular on a first- return, first-served basis. Students may take the test only once every 21 days. In addition, you can’t step through the exam more than 5times in a consistent rolling of a 12-months period.

There is no deadline for registering for the test. But there are a limited number of seats available on any given day and centers do fill up, sometimes weeks ahead of time.

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