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The Importance of English Communication in the Modern Sphere

The English Language used to be a niche segment in the past, a language spoken by the elite or for matters of state importance. Though today, it has become the gateway to a host of minor and major opportunities. To call it the lingua franca might seem like a stretch until you account for its extensive influence. For most people, it becomes the proverbial stepping stone to higher realms of success. However, being adept at your subject without having a background in English might cause most opportunities to sail past.

Why do you have to learn English Communication?

The English Language is spoken by nearly 400 million people across 118 countries. It is the medium of instruction for several higher education institutions. Not to mention, it is the common language used in nearly all corporate environments starting from the hiring process. It has replaced most other languages when it comes to the nomenclature in mathematical and scientific subjects. If you do plan to pursue a career beset with rewards the basic requirement is proficiency in the English language.

Reasons to Learn English


As a beginner, trying out the English language may seem difficult with all the nuances and exceptions that contradict each other. But, if you were to look past the mess, chances are you’d see a language with simple grammatical concepts which in its basic form is easier to learn than others. The presence of gender-neutral grammar makes it convenient to learn compared to other languages.

Convenience in Research

Most websites ranging from product reviews and news reports to academic discussions are written in English. It is easier to access all these reports and theses making English all the more a necessity. This convenience is also marked by the extent to which websites put out their content.

Valuable on a CV

Learning a language does take a lot of time, however, the payoffs are wonderful in most cases. Individuals who tried out for interviews after having grasped the language found better chances of success compared to those who didn’t. Learning English thus gives you a slight edge over the others when it comes to finding your place in a company.

Consuming Media

Given the extent to which media is being put out today, a sizeable majority of the pie goes to media produced in English. Keeping that in mind, learning English might help you enjoy the numerous euphemisms or innuendos. You wouldn’t have to wait too long to enjoy the latest movies by having to wait for the dubbed version to come out either.

Spontaneity in Social Media

With the rapid growth of social media in the modern world, the English language has acquired a slightly varied lingo. The meaning of some words has been altered while entirely new words have been added as well. In various blogs, posts, and captions, English and Social Media seem to go hand in hand when it comes to innovation. English also encourages the inclusion of terms from other languages which gives it a certain regional twist as well.

Education and Occupation

Going abroad for one’s studies or in search of job opportunities leads students and working professionals to the UK, US, or any of the other European universities. In most cases, English becomes the medium of instruction or communication. Those who are proficient in academic English can find plenty of opportunities at an appropriate school along with the preferred course of study.

Business Development

Growing and managing a business can be quite a daunting task at times. But, learning English might help smooth out any creases and bumps you might find. You can tend to a much wider network of clientele than you would have previously. Moreover, being fluent in English will also help you form bonds with people from other organizations across different countries.

Working as a Translator

Learning English as a second language might help you become an efficient translator as well. The number of organizations that could do with an interpreter is quite huge with several others requiring an effective translator’s services.

The benefit of Learning a Second Language

The idea of learning a second language might seem like hard work, the benefits, however, are huge. Besides the immense possibilities that you might unearth when it comes to education and work, you become aware of a wide range of similarities in expression between your first language and English. Understanding these similarities also broadens your horizon when it comes to learning other languages as well.

The reasons mentioned above are some of the common reasons to encourage English communication. If you managed to reach the end of this article, do leave us a comment below. For more similar blogs visit our website here.