Manitoba to attract Internationals to meet skills needs

The Canadian province of Manitoba has launched its new Skills, Talent, and Knowledge Strategy for the post-secondary sector that will focus on anticipating skills needed for the future, aligning education and training to labour market needs, fostering entrepreneurial skills, and growing, attracting, and retaining talent.

“We are proud to launch this strategy to support efforts to create jobs in our new landscape,” said advanced education, skills and immigration minister Wayne Ewasko.

“As we navigate our way forward, the goal of the strategy is to ensure we have the people with the right skills, talent, and knowledge at the right time, to rebound from the effects of the pandemic and support economic resilience and growth.”

For international students the strategy will seek to “align Manitoba’s international education and economic development priorities, and encourage international students to enrol in programs that align with Manitoba labour market needs and make Manitoba a destination of choice”, as well as “promote industry-facing internships for relevant research and development to local and international students”.