NMC Draft Guidelines Require Mandatory Ayush Training for MBBS Interns

MBBS students will now be expected to complete a mandatory internship in Ayush, as well as placements in 17 different specialties.

According to the National Medical Commission 2021’s latest Draft Regulations for Compulsory Rotating Internship 2021, all MBBS students will be expected to complete a mandatory internship programme in AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) and Sowa Rigpa. On July 7th

A student must also finish this training, as well as postings in 17 other specialisations, in one year, according to the information given in the draught.

A proposed regulation for Compulsory Rotating Internship, 2021, was also cited by the National Medical Commission (NMC), which states that a week of training should be incorporated in the rotational programme in any of the Indian systems of medicine as an optional.

Electives For MBBS Interns

Interns can take any elective from Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Homeopathy, and Siddha Sowa Rigpa after completing the necessary Ayush course, according to the NMC.

In light of the pandemic, the National Medical Council (NMC) has requested that the final year postgraduate broad specialty and super speciality tests be held as soon as possible.

According to NDTV, MK Ramesh, President of the Postgraduate Medical Education Board, has also asked institutions or universities offering PG medical programmes to examine the theory response scripts themselves at their discretion.

The draft also said the duration of the Internship may be curtailed or temporarily suspended or even withdrawn or cancelled at any time by the institution or the university according to prevailing rules/regulations of the relevant authority provided.

The draught also stated that the period of the internship may be shortened, temporarily postponed, or even withdrawn or cancelled at any moment by the institution or university in accordance with the appropriate authority’s rules and regulations.


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