Covid 19 IELTS Study Abroad


  1. powered energy is turning out to be increasingly more famous as a wellspring of family energy in numerous

nations all throughout the planet. Why would that be? What are the benefits and detriments of sun oriented


  1. Numerous individuals accept that carrying on with a city life offers more prominent advantages when contrasted with the

open country? How much do you concur or conflict?

  1. Numerous individuals are hesitant to leave their home on account of wrongdoing. Some accept that more activity

ought to be taken to forestall wrongdoing. While others feel that little activity should be possible to stop

wrongdoing. What is your view?

  1. Previously, shopping was a normal homegrown errand. Numerous individuals these days see it as a

side interest. How much do you think this is a positive pattern?

  1. Some case that concentrating abroad has extraordinary advantages for an understudy’s nation of origin. To what

degree do you concur or conflict?

  1. A few group accept that it is ideal to acknowledge a terrible circumstance, like an unsuitable work or

capacity of cash. Others contend that it is smarter to attempt to advance such circumstances.

  1. Younger students today partake in work experience meetings for brief timeframes all things considered

of going to class? Is this positive or a negative turn of events

  1. Today an ever increasing number of vacationers are visiting where conditions are troublesome, for example, the

Sahara desert or the Antarctic. What are the advantages and detriments for vacationers who visit

such places?

  1. TV is perilous on the grounds that it annihilates everyday life and any feeling of local area; rather than

visiting individuals or chatting with our family we simply stare at the TV. How much do you concur

or then again can’t help contradicting this assessment?

  1. Global the travel industry has achieved gigantic advantages to numerous spots. Simultaneously,

there is worry about its effect on neighborhood occupants and the climate. Do the

weaknesses of worldwide the travel industry offset the benefits?

  1. A few nations have acquainted laws with limit working hours for representatives. For what reason are these

laws presented? Do you think this is a positive or negative turn of events?

  1. Numerous celebrities treated ridiculously by the media? Would it be advisable for them to be given more protection??

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