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International Students face Confusion over Vaccine Mandates

Many international students from across the globe are confused as they don’t have a clear picture of what is exactly required from the international students entering the country on a study visa to pursue their higher education for the first time. Most students who enter the country are given the first dose of the vaccine and are then asked to wait for the additional dose of the vaccine, as certain institutions abroad have their own set of rules and regulations with regards to the type of vaccine to be given to the students and the dosage.

The type of vaccine accepted by the institutions abroad differs from institution to institution, state-level wise, and certain types of vaccines are accepted and all international students need to adhere to the rules and regulations imposed by the institutions.

For many international students, this long wait with the procedures has imposed a great strain on the students coming to study from various countries. Hence this has brought about a decline in the number of international students enrolling for their overseas education abroad.

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