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Why choose the United Kingdom as your study destination

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The UK is the most beautiful country and a great study destination for many international students across the globe. The UK is well known for its high-quality education and the lifestyle, living conditions, safety, and support is given to all international students and is a safe place to study work, and live.

The UK is a country well known for its ancient culture and history, and is also well known in the field of education for its Top Ranking universities and has many low-cost universities which are affordable for students from all walks of life.

The UK ranks high in the field of education and has many top-ranking universities and high profile faculty, and excellent student support and is a great place to study and settle down.

The UK offers quality education to all international students who wish to pursue their master’s or MBA, Ph.D., UG, or Bachelor’s degree in the UK. The educational degrees from the UK are valid and recognized worldwide, and any student who has secured a degree in the UK can obtain a suitable job in any country and earn a good salary.

Some of the famous historical sites to visit in the UK

  • Palace of Westminster
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Big Ben
  • London Bridge
  • Wax Museum
  • Red Buses & Cabs
  • London Eye
  • Art Galleries
  • Windsor Castle
  • Tower of London

Career growth and opportunities in the UK

In the UK there are many job opportunities for students who have completed their MBA, and for IT graduates the job opportunities are limitless. There is also great demand for technically skilled candidates who can earn a high salary. There has also been a great demand and scope for MBA students no matter which field they are qualified in the job opportunities is very promising and full of multi-fold opportunities.

What are the intakes in the UK?

There are 2 major intakes in January and September and many institutions also offer multiple intakes.

What are the courses offered in the UK?

To name a few courses:

  • English
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Accounting /Administration /Business etc.
  • Sports
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Architecture & Interior Design
  • Fashion Technology
  • Arts & Cultural Studies
  • Culinary Arts
  • Hotel Management
  • International Business etc.

Guidelines for Students to follow while applying for their Visa

As a student if have a goal to pursue your higher education in the UK, there are a few key tips to follow before applying for your student visa, sometimes it’s very intimidating for most students because after they start their application process, there could be, a cause for rejection. Our Visa Processing Team is always available to help you with your educational process.

Key Tips to follow:

  • Start your Visa Application process at the earliest.
  • The student needs to check if there is sufficient bank balance to proceed further with their process.
  • Ace your credibility interviews.
  • Always have a document checklist on hand.
  • Have proof of your English Proficiency skills (IELTS Score)
  • Get Biometric Residence Permit
  • Plan your bookings smartly
  • Ask for health insurance

Documents required for UK Student Visa

  • Course & University/College Selection/Admission Offer Letter
  • Financial documents & proof of income
  • ATAS Certificate (if required)
  • CAS Letter
  • SOP
  • Passport or other travel documentation
  • Parental or legal guardian’s consent (for those under 18 yrs.)
  • Proof of relationship to parents or legal guardian (for those under 18yrs.)
  • Tuberculosis tests results
  • Consent letter from a financial sponsor (if applicable)
  • English Language requirement document.
  • UK Visa Appointment

Note – It is always advisable for the student who is applying, to double-check if all their documents are clear before application submission.

Work Opportunities

Part-time Work – You can work part-time up to 20hours per week during your course and full-time 40 hours per week during holidays. The student is able to manage their living expenses and also able to pay part of their tuition fees.

Full-Time Work – The UK also offers PSW (Post Study Work Visa) to enable students to work full-time and settle down.

Healthcare – is free for those International Students who take up a course of more than 6 months duration.

Fee Structure – Course fee depends on the course you choose and it varies from college and university.

Language Spoken in the UK – English

English Proficiency Test – IELTS

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