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OET -Occupational English Test


The writing section demands a candidate to write a letter on discharge summary, Referral, and Transfer with 180 to 210 words and within 45 minutes.

Please always concentrate on these

Categorize the information given in the case notes into sections such as the complaint of the patient, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and medications prescribed, patient’s medical history, the progress of treatment, further care required, and the social background, so that letter can be composed in a comprehensive manner. This would also ensure the avoidance of repetition of facts.

It’s important to omit details that are not really necessary so that the letter can be precise and well within the word count, especially as the examiners are strict on the length of the letter.

Summarise the case note in a simple and clear way so that reading is easy and the contents properly relayed

Acronyms should be written in their expanded form. 


  • Legible handwriting 
  • OET is not a test on nursing, but it is a test of candidates’ proficiency in English in CLINICAL SETTING
  • Spelling, punctuations, and grammar are evaluated in the 4 modules
  • The structure of sentences is of vital importance according to situations. The language to be used in writing a letter to a general practitioner is different from the one to be used in writing to a social worker.
  • Focusing on the basics of the English language ( spelling, grammar, punctuation) is of prime importance.


  • The letter should be in the specified format and well organized 
  • It is important to project the precise reason for writing the referral.
  • Consider and ensure that irrelevant details are avoided.    This would ensure that your letter is within the specified word count.
  • Relevant information should be grouped together in separate paragraphs and logically arranged.
  • Use expression and vocabulary of standard formal language suitable to the letter.
  • Grammatical accuracy and the use of the right punctuations are of vital importance.
  • Avoid spelling errors. Spelling does matter.
  • It is important to note that more than 5-7 errors in your letter may not fetch you a grade of B or higher. 

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