Covid 19 IELTS Study Abroad


  1. Follow the instructions in reading and listening Tasks because most of the candidates never notice the instruction to provide answers when the question demands you to write ONE WORD answer we always write two or more than that infill up question type When there is a yes/ no / not given question type we usually tend to write a true/false answer instead of yes No type. When it’s come to listening instead of selecting letters candidates to write the option.

 2 SPELLING ERRORS It is important to review your spelling in the written portion. When you are unsure about the spelling of some words please do not write them on the answer sheet Poor vocabulary goes hand in hand with spelling problems. Reading more and writing down the words you’re reading will help you expand your vocabulary. This will also help with your spelling in the long run! To succeed in the English language, you must have a large vocabulary. You’ll have a lot of trouble reading signs, communicating with others, and listening if you don’t have it.

3. Organize your time. One of the most prevalent IELTS errors made by test participants is this. It can be difficult to finish the test in a set amount of time, thus time management skills are essential when taking the IELTS exam. You don’t want to spend a lot of time on one question and then have to rush through the next. It’s critical to know how much time you’ll need for each question. This way, you’ll be able to completely answer each question to the best of your ability. You might even consider devising a plan. For example, start with the queries that require the least amount of brainstorming.

4. Transitional problems

Lack of transition words is another typical IELTS problem. These are the elements that let phrases and conversations flow smoothly. Transition words help the reader and listener grasp what you’re saying and connect the dots between your phrases. Transition words ensure that your sentences are well-structured and that there are no gaps between them. As a result, transition words are crucial and might help you score higher on the IELTS test.


Most of the students never read the question properly this will lead them to provide wrong answers most of the time. Reading the question is essential to get a good score. With spelling mistakes comes a destitute lexicon. You’ll be able to construct your lexicon by perusing more and composing down the words you’re reading.  This will eventually offer assistance along with your spelling as well! You must have a great lexicon to succeed within the English dialect. Without it, you’ll confront numerous challenges whether it’s perusing signs, talking to others, or tuning in With spelling mistakes comes a destitute lexicon. You’ll be able to construct your lexicon by perusing more and composing down the words you’re reading

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