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Learn English as a foreign language. English is the most commonly spoken language in the world today. The English language is spoken by every second person globally. Every school has introduced English as a second language in their syllabus to help students to communicate and relate to their studies, their teachers, colleagues, other surrounding people, and family. Learning English has become an important agenda in every person’s life, as they want to learn the English language to help them in their Communication, Writing, Speaking, Reading & Listening skills. English is the only language that has set the standard & is spoken globally.

English is the second largest language in terms of both native speakers and those who use it as a second language. English is the next popular language when it comes to Business, Travel & Communication, Overseas Education, Migration to other countries, Government Assembly, Lawyers, Government Courts, Educational Institutions like Schools/Colleges/Universities, Government and private offices, etc. all use English as their official language.

English –“The most loved and accepted lingua franca” today!  Having strong language skills is an asset that will promote a lifetime of effective communication. The 4 skills in the English language are Listening, Speaking Reading & Writing. The English language is a part of our daily lifestyle, and it’s hard to imagine a society without English communication.

How to Improve your English Language Skills:

  1. Everyone makes mistakes
  2. Learn to accept your mistakes & learn from your mistakes
  3. Associate yourself with people who speak English
  4. Regularly practice the 4 skills in English- Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
  5. Make a regular study plan and practice your skills daily

Simple Tips to help you speak English Confidently

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Listen to a conversation before you give a reply.
  3. Do not study grammar too much
  4. Listen carefully to the question which is being asked, because the answer is in the question.
  5. Read the News Paper daily.
  6. Use the Mirror as your friend & ask yourself questions & give answers.
  7. Learn New words daily
  8. Be positive
  9. Communicate with people/friends who speak English
  10. Do not be afraid to ask questions

The Purpose of Studying the English Language

The main purpose of studying the English Language by every person in society today is because it helps people to relate to a particular subject, express a feeling, ideas & views about life, etc.

Why is early learning important in a Child?

Early learning of the English language skills for a child/children is very important because it helps a child/children to relate to a particular subject or express a feeling or relate to a particular message they are trying to convey to someone. If the child does not have the basic communication skills, they can face many difficulties in trying to relate or communicate or express themselves in the proper manner, hence they may end up sending or giving the wrong message to people. Developing language skills in a child is important at an early age as it helps them to exchange information in a more meaningful way.

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