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The writing section has 50 minutes to complete two tasks. The first task is Integrated writing (25 MINUTES) and the second task is Essay writing (25 MINUTES) You will be evaluated on the way you plan and organize your ideas, the quality of your grammar, and the usage of language. 

For an integrated essay, you will read a short article on an academic topic and then you will listen to a short lecture on the same topic. Finally, you will write essays from both sources and you will be writing 280 to 300 words totally.

The second task is Independent writing. This task demands you to write 280 to 300 words on an essay on the given topic. There are four types and styles in essay writing. They are Agree/disagree, paired choice, and so on. mostly you will get 80 % to agree or disagree questions. Questions are mostly about education, work, and lifestyle preferences.

When it comes to the Grades of your essay it is from two separate systems.

First, a human grader checks your essay and gives you a holistic score from 0 to 5. This score is based on your content, organization, and language use.

Next ETS ‘e – rater’ software checks your essay. It mostly focuses on the structure, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. Each essay has equal weight. Finally, these combined scores will be converted to a whole number from 0 – 30 which will be included on your score report.

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