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“The power of the people who speak a language makes it a global language.”

English is the global language or lingua franca. More than 350 million people around the world speak English as their first language and more than 430 million speak it as their second language. English is spoken in most countries around the world. Why is the language so
popular? And why has it gone global?
Why should we learn English?
English has become the international language of business, commerce, science, medicine,
and many other key areas. Even in diplomacy, where the French once ruled
supreme, English has established its dominance in most regions of the world. It is the
universal language of business, and it is certainly true as international
trade grows every year, bringing new countries into its association. The majority of
international companies require a degree of English proficiency from
potential employees, in order to get a placement with a top company. And, of course, with good communication skills in English, you can share resources and make important contacts at conferences and seminars.
English also opens a gateway into the academic world. It gives you the opportunity
to study with the top universities. Universities in western countries attract more and
more visiting scholars, students, and professors from all around the world, and
their working language is only English.
Here are 9 Reasons to learn English:

1. English is simple and an easy-to-learn language.

2. It presents you with more job opportunities.

3. You become a better-educated person.

4.There is no limit to travel if you know english.

5. You get to speak a global language.

6. You get to learn about the culture.

7. You can improve your understanding of science.

8.Your confidence is improved.

9. You get to exercise your brain.

What impact has the English language made in an interconnected world?
It has shaped the economy we know today, gave international politics a new
face, and made borders superfluous. From culture, through science, up to
education and even shopping – English is bound to shape our modern reality. Its impact is indefinite and is most likely to grow as humanity gets further in the process of advancement.
Learning English quickly can seem almost impossible. Here are top tips and strategies on how to
learn English quickly and enjoy the process on the way:

  1. Repetition builds perfection:
    Since immemorial times, we are being taught that practice is the best way to
    excel in a skill. The same rule applies when it comes to learning a language. With practice, you will slowly reach perfection.
  2. Internet is your best friend!!
    There are numerous videos and tutorials available online on how to learn English. Videos help you understand pronunciation and also help in improving your fluency. You can also
    join online meetings or conventions that use English. This will help you understand
    conversational English and how to express yourself in that.
  3. Listen to music on the go!
    Listening to English songs is a great way of grasping the language and its accents. Not only
    will it brighten up your mood, but it will also give you a fair idea about the
    grammar and pronunciation.
  4. Take chances, and make mistakes, that’s how you grow!!
    It is completely normal for people to make mistakes when they are taking on the task of
    learning a new skill. However, you should not let minor setbacks slow you down. Learn
    from your mistakes and move on ahead until the next speed breaker.
  5. Make a list of short-term goals for yourself :
    Make it a habit to learn at least 10 new words every day or finish reading at least one
    novel in a week. Then, reward yourself with treats for your achievements.
    Ultimately, self-motivation is the best thing.
  6. Make books your best friends!
    Books are humans best friends from time immemorial, and to learn the English language
    you need to depend on the written word a lot! You can read newspapers, magazines, handouts or novels, reading written publications will enhance your vocabulary by a ton.
  7. Reading out loud:
    Reading out loud helps you notice the errors you’re making in pronunciation
    and it also improves your fluency. Furthermore, you are more likely to remember
    important words if you read them out loud than reading it in your head. This will also boost your
    confidence. Eventually, you can ask a friend or teacher to assess you in your English-
    speaking qualities and give you feedback.
  8. Learn from the stars: Experiment your learning strategies by choosing a native English-speaking actor or singer you like. Now, head on to the internet, find a couple of interviews they’ve given – and watch them! Watch once for to understand what they say, then again, and take time to jot down interesting expressions and words that you hear. Their slang, stories, humor, and anecdotes that
    come out of this interview are sure to give you plenty to work with!

Always motivate and encourage yourself to stride on the path of learning English as it will be very useful for your future endeavors. So if you’re very eager to improve your
English, then do check out some of these easy tips to get you on your way! Not everything is going to work for you, but if you implement a few of these ideas in your day-to-
day language learning, you are sure to see some improvement!

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