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So, what is OET?   

OET is an English language test that judges the communication skills of professionals in healthcare sectors, who chases their dream to land in an English-speaking environment.

Why choose OET?

Healthcare specialists normally choose OET because it helps them prove their level at English for work or study. A genuine assessment will be made after testing all four language skills – listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Who Recognizes OET? 

  • OET is recognized and trusted by regulatory healthcare boards and cabinet members in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the UK.
  • OET is available for the following professions: dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and veterinary science.
  • OET will be considered as a candidate proof to access their ability to communicate wisely in a compelling healthcare environment.

Assessment Structure

OET test evaluates all four language skills with a special emphasis given on communication. The various tests conducted for the assessment; are Reading (Duration: 60 minutes), Listening (Duration: 45 minutes), Writing (Duration: 45 minutes), and Speaking (Duration: 60 minutes). While writing and speaking tests are performed with respect to their own departments.


Candidates receive the result as a numerical score ranging between 0 and 500 in 10-point increments e.g. 250,260, 270. The numeric score is graded between A (highest) to E (lowest). There is no overall grade for OET.

Letter gradeNumeric scoreDescription of ability
A450-500Can communicate fluently and effectively.
B350-440Can communicate effectively with patients and health professionals with occasional inaccuracies.
C+ C300-340 200-290Can maintain the interaction in a relevant environment despite occasional errors and lapses.
D100-190Can maintain some interaction and understand straightforward factual information, but may ask for clarification.
E0-90Can manage simple interaction on familiar topics and understand the main point with High-density of errors and overuse of technical language.

With OET, starting your international healthcare career is just a few steps away.