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Graduate Records Examination (GRE Coaching in Chennai)

About The GRE

The GRE, Graduate Record Exam is a multiple-choice, computer-based, standardized exam that is often required for admission to graduate programs and graduate business programs globally. The GRE is developed and administrated by testmaker, ETS to provide graduate, business schools with common measures for comparing applicant’s qualifications and preparedness for graduate-level academic work.


The GRE test is said to be a standardized test taken by students who wish to pursue graduation in foreign countries


The GRE measures the command of the basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis as well as college-level vocabulary. More importantly, it measures the student’s ability to analyze and evaluate the written material, think critically, and solve problems.

GRE - graduate record exam is a 3hours and 45 minutes the examination consists of three separate timed sections, this test is conducted by the educational testing service ( ETS) the exam is conducted in more than 1000 centres across 180 countries


The GRE exam fee is INR 22,550 for the general test and INR 14,500 for the GRE subject test.

Exam pattern

Analytical writing - 1 section (two tasks) 60 minutes

Verbal reasoning - 2 section (40 questions) -60 minutes

Quantitative reasoning - 2 section (40 questions) -70 minutes



Number Of Questions Duration Score Range
One "Analyze an issue" task 30 minutes 0-6

The essay section measures whether a candidate can articulate their thoughts and responses to complex ideas in a clear and reasoned way. Formulating a well supported thesis in response to new and unfamiliar topics.

During the Analyze an issue task students will read an opinion on a topic of general interest to respond to the issue.


Number Of Questions Duration Score Range
7 text completion questions 18 minutes for section 1 130-70
6 sentence Equivalence questions 23 minutes for section 2
14 Reading Comprehension questions  
27 Questions total


  • The top universities in the world accept GRE on a valid base
  • Certain universities in GERMANY also accept

Stay calm you can take it while you remain safe indoors Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 exams had to be cancelled keeping in mind the safety of the students, (Educational testing services - ETS) has brought forth a heart-warming news that students can take the GRE general test at home.

News reports as of March 24/03/2020 State through the clause that only the following countries are eligible United States, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong and Macau, Unfortunately ETS has not yet given an insight if the following option will be offered to the other locations as well, at present test dates are wide open through June at a wide spread time, but keeping in mind that the slots may get more limited as time prolongs

ETS has as a bounded partnership with proctorU, A company founded in the year 2008 that’s been a massive help in delivering millions of proctored online exams, Both ETS and PROCTORU are helping you recreate the testing atmosphere in your home, so the necessities remain the same as that of an exam centre but few more additional requirements due to security and integrity purposes.

Windows laptop or desktop : only the following are permitted use of mobile, tablet and Mac is strictly prohibited

Results - within 14 working business days.

Private space requirement : The student will have to remain isolated through the exam duration no public Space is encouraged

Desk, table and chair : professional position of sitting is expected during the examination (No lying down on a bed or a couch)

Webcam : you will have to position your webcam in a 360 degree angle surfacing the entire room of examination including your desk

Microphone and speakers : You will need the following to keep in conventional touch with the proctor, usage of headphones, ear buds or any other gadget which covers the ears is not allowed Keeping in mind the professionalism carried out during an exam at the centre we expect the same while it takes place at home as well, No food or drinks No accessories.

Students will not be able to use a scratch paper but instead a whiteboard with dry erase marker (Or) Paper with a transparent sheet protector and an erasable marker so that following will be in the view of proctor

Recording of the student will take place via webcam hence all actions will be on live display to the proctor

Communication with the second person is not allowed

There will be no use of band materials such as written notes, gadgets etc.

Any act of indiscipline or unauthorized activities can lead to the invalidity of the test

There will be one (analytical writing assessment) - which will include one issue essay and argument essay, this will always appear in the beginning

Two maths and two verbal and one experimental which would be a (math or verbal base) After completing the third section the student will be given a 10 minutes break during which he/she can move from there seat but if the candidate doesn’t return for the exams on time the test (would be cancelled and the fees will not be refunded ) After all the remaining sections are done students can take a one - minute break without moving from the seat, (ETS doesn’t approve of unscheduled or frequent breaks)

This question completely depends upon the students, ETS is trying the best to make this difficult situation an ease free for students by putting forth this option especially for the countries who have been advised to remain indoors due to the pandemic.

If you have second taught about the test at home ETS provides two free practice tests, so make use of the practice test keeping in mind the rules and regulations of the test.

During your course study you can take up the practice test with the set up atmosphere of the examination

ETS - Offer’s to you (three paid test) and the other alternative would be Magoosh which also Offer’s practice test in products

Time duration would remain the same as you planned previously


Valid id proof with the prompt name which matches the registered name

With clear picture of the student , it should be a government



Pencils & Scratch paper

Jewelry & Watches


Valid id proof

Confirmation email – printed copy

Pencils & erasers

Wishing and praying for the good health and safety of our students and their families during this world pandemic