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In this new generation and era that we live in today, education plays an important role in every student’s life. Each individual has their own set of goals, dreams and achievements that need to be fulfilled. The need to study abroad has become a growing necessity for all classes of families, as students need to have more global exposure. Therefore any individual after school education, college education or while employed in the home country can go abroad on a STUDY VISA where there are more advantages, be exposed to advanced technological facilities, different cultures and traditions, quality lifestyles and better living conditions to study, work, live and settle abroad.

Obtaining a global education and degree gives international students the opportunity to travel worldwide and better their prospects and secure good job placements and earn a good salary and build their careers and have excellent growth and achievements.

Study Abroad is a life changing experience for each individual who wishes to have international education. The student has better education experience, in the best Universities /Colleges / Business Schools etc. where they are taught by experienced faculty and who help shape the future of each individual. This helps them better their prospects by also interacting with people from diverse countries and different cultures and traditions, which will help broaden their perspective and help them develop their cross-cultural skills which are valuable in this modern environment.

Studying Abroad helps students to learn new languages and also helps them to adapt themselves to new geographical locations and to live in unity in any country where they wish to study, work or live. This social unity and strong ties through the course of education, can build strong connections and bring peace to every nation globally.

We at THE IMMACULATE help shape your future to achieve your goals and dreams and make them become a reality. Courses from Engineering, MBBS, Management, Computer Science, Finance and Accounting, IT, Journalism, Law, Sociology, Design, Digital Marketing, etc.

Study in UK


The United Kingdom is the hub for Overseas Education, a land of many ancient cultures and traditions. The UK now issues Post Study Work Visa for 2 years to enable those candidates who come on Study Visa to stay back find a job and continue living in the United Kingdom. The UK is a multi-cultural society, since it has a multitude of International students from across the globe. The United Kingdom has a solid foundation in the field of education from schools, colleges and universities. They have excellent faculty who are from a native background and who give excellent student support and guidance which help build their future. Their teaching methodology is very creative and develops the skill sets and confidence. The students who have completed their education in the United Kingdom get excellent job placements and earn a good salary, and their certificates are valid and recognised worldwide for their solid foundation in the field of education which helps international students in boosting their career and prospects and develop their potential.

Study in Australia


Study in Australia, your world class education begins here. Study at the top ranking universities of your choice. Australia has a wide range of courses, internationally recognised for their Research and High-quality educational programs and gives excellent support and guidance to all students from across the globe.

Australia is a beautiful country, and well known for its beautiful beaches, greenery, and is famous for its multiculturalism, quality lifestyle with good living conditions, and known as the land of milk and honey and is ranked as one of the top-class educational destinations in the world today. The Australian qualifications and institutions are recognized globally and students with a graduate degree from Australia have been successful, holding top positions in the world today. Study and settle with a Permanent Resident Visa and obtain Citizenship easily.

Study in Canada


Study in Canada – Great destination to Study -Work and settle down. High Quality lifestyle and friendly people, Canada is famous for its many cultures and traditions. Canada has many Top-Ranking Universities in the world which offers many study programs, scholarships will be provided to the right candidate with a good Academic percentage, Canada also offers Post Study Work Permit (PSW). Canada offers a safe environment for all international students.

  • Affordable Tuition Fee
  • In-takes – Jan -April-May -September
  • Quality Lifestyle
  • PSW
  • Immigration & Citizenship

Study in USA


The United States of America, the land of many opportunities, is an independent nation and has the best and Advanced Education System in the world today. USA has become the most preferred study destination to many international students from across the globe. In U.S.A. the universities have the best faculty and there are various study programs for students to choose from.

To gain admission into the best universities and colleges and business schools, the students need to enhance their foreign language skills and English proficiency skills and get a good score to gain admission in Top Ranking Universities.

IELTS / TOEFL /GRE / GMAT /SAT – Standardised tests are mandatory to be taken with a good score, to gain admission and scholarships, according to the courses applied for the American degrees.

Study in Ireland


The land of jobs for all professions, also a popular study destination for all international students across the globe, Ireland is a small independent nation situated on the West Coast of Europe. Ireland is a country well known for its hospitality and friendliness to its people. Ireland offers good scope to all international students with job placements after study.

Students from across the globe have a wide choice of Universities and Colleges to choose from for their higher education.

Study in New Zealand


New Zealand is a top study destination for international students and has the best educational institutions, which offers a wide range of programs for all international students. Students who study in New Zealand get a good foreign education, high quality life style, good living conditions and also options to work and settle down.

Study in Europe


France is a very beautiful and famous tourist and excellent study destination in the world. France offers a multicultural study experience to all international students, as it brings together various cultures across the globe.

  • Top Ranking Universities
  • Quality Lifestyle
  • Well Paid Internships
  • 20 hrs part time work per week
  • Job Opportunities after study

Study in GERMANY


Germany has become a hot study destination for international students. A land of rich culture and traditions with an ancient history, German Universities offer quality education, the hub for engineering, mechanical and an industrialized nation, students are given the opportunity to enhance their career and achievements during their study. After completing their studies, Germany also offers jobs, Blue Card and a safe and friendly environment for all international students.

  • Top Ranked Universities
  • Affordable Costs of Living
  • Globally Recognized Study Programs
  • Working Opportunities for International Students
  • Learn a New Language
  • Low-Cost Tuition Fee


Netherlands is a very attractive and beautiful country and has become a hot study destination and a second home to many of our international students. The Netherlands offers quality education which is the best in the world at affordable costs, compared to countries like UK and U.S.A. Most of the people in Netherlands communicate in English, teachers communicate in English making the students feel at home and don’t face any problems. International students love studying in Netherlands because their ideas and views are not rejected.

  • Affordable Costs
  • Scholarships
  • Low-cost Living expenses


Students are taught to work together in groups and develop their skills such as analysis, practical problem solving, working as a team and creative thinking. Sweden offers stay back option to work and live permanently in the country.


Poland has been the choice for International students for quite a few years now. Visas are now granted easily during the pandemic.

Which consultant is the most reliable for studying abroad in Chennai?

Well according to services offered to students, a few of them are :

  • TI Abroad
  • IDP
  • KC Overseas
  • THE IMMACULATE Training & Consulting
  • Edwise
  • Campus Abroad

How much does a study abroad consultant charge?

Study Abroad Consultancy charges range from Rs.10000/- to 30,000/- depending upon the services required.

Are study abroad consultants free of charge?

There are consultants who do not charge service fee, however some consultants do charge for Visa service.

How does an overseas educational consultant help students?

They help students with their Overseas Education Process & guidance with their end to end process.

  • Student Support & Guidance
  • Course, university / college and country selection
  • Admission Process
  • Loan Assistance
  • Pre-departure Assistance
  • Personalized Counselling
  • Resume format
  • SOP
  • LOR format
  • Scholarships
  • Complete Visa Process

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