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Occupational English Test

Course Description

OET - The Occupational English Test is the English language test for healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals choose OET because it helps them prove they have the right level of English for work or study.

The OET test is an English efficiency language base, taken up by health professionals. This is the assessment done for medical experts who wish to pursue their career in western countries.

Professionals Who Take The Test

  • Dentists
  • Dietetics
  • Nursing
  • Occupational therapy
  • Optometry
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Radiology
  • Speech pathology
  • Veterinary Science


The OET test is highly recognised by the regulatory HealthCare boards & councils in the major English based countries


New zealand







Several hospitals and universities within colleges consider OET as proof of medical education and a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in the field of healthcare and medication.

It is mandatory to attain a ‘B’ grade to prove the competency level of their profession.


OET consists of 4 section assessment with the language base





Emphasis on the language and theusage of medical terminology.


Listening ( approx 45 mins )

Reading ( 60 mins )

Writing 45 mins

Speaking 20 mins


Listening - part A (Conversation)

2 Consultation extracts of 5 minutes each

It assesses the candidate’s ability to find out the specified information during consultation

The candidate is expected to listen to two recordings between the health professional and patient to complete the notes with the help of the information from the audio.

Part B - (short workplace extracts)

Time - 1 min each

This assesses the candidate’s ability and experiences to identify the detail, gist, or purpose of the given audio from the healthcare workplace.

They are required to listen to 6, 1-minute extracts eg : team briefing , handover etc ) and answer the one MCQ for each extract.

Part C ( presentation extracts - 5 mins each )

This section assesses the candidate’s ability to follow a recorded presentation or interview on a range of accessible healthcare topics.

Candidates will listen to 2 different, 5-minuteextracts and answer 6 MCQs for each extract.


The duration of this section is 60 minutes to complete all 3 parts.

Part A - An expeditious reading task ( 15 minutes )

This assesses the candidate’s ability to locate and understand specified information from the 4 short texts in a quick fast track manner

These four text are based on single health care topic and they have to answer 20 questions in the given allotted time.

These 20 questions consist of matching , sentence completion and short answers questions.

Part B - careful reading tasks (45 mins )

Part B assesses the candidate’s ability to find out the details, gist or main points of six short texts sourced from the healthcare professional max ( 100-150) words each

The texts contain extracts from the policy documents hospital guidance.

Part C - Assesses the candidate’s ability to identify

The detailed meaning and opinion in the matter of two texts on the topics related to healthcare sectors ( 800words each ) for each text which is given the candidates have to answer 8-4 option MCQ


The writing subtest consists of one profession-specific task based on a typical workplacesituation.

The duration of the session is 45 minutes
a. 5 minutes to read the case notes
b. 40 minutes to write the letter.

The task is to write a referral, transfer, discharge, letter to advise or inform the patient, carer, or group.


  • The candidates will deliver individually two role plays.
  • In Each role-play a candidate will take the role of a professional while the interlocutor plays a client, patient, relative, or carer.
  • The role plays are based on typical workplace situation and reflect the demands made on a healthcare professional in these situations.
  • The duration of the section is 20 minutes.

Fess structure : The OET exam fees is approximately 35,000 INR ( AUS $ 587)

Validity of the course : 2years for OET grade



The candidate much provide a valid passport or official National indentity Card in which they are taking the test


The candidate will have to achieve the structured GRADE - B in all four sections of the test ( listening , reading , writing , speaking)


B B C+ B

It is mandatory to achieve not less than Grade ‘B’ in LSR and only in writing Grade ‘C+’ is accepted.


OET is available 14times a year

Results are published online with a time span of 16 business days

The Description of ability for OET

Garde A 450-500

  • Shows complete understanding of any kind of written or spoken language.
  • Can communicate very fluently and effectively with patients and with health professionals using appropriate register tone and lexis.

Garde B 350-440

  • Shows a good understanding of a range of clinical contexts.
  • Can communicate very fluently and effectively with patients and with health professionals using appropriate register tone and lexis, with only occasional inaccuracies and hesitations.
  • Can maintain the interaction in a relevant healthcare environment despite occasionalerrors and lapses.
  • Followsstandard spoken language normally encountered in his/her field of specialization.